Illariy is a warm lodge in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, among them there are standing out the snowy Yanaraju and Chopicalqui, it is located at the entrance to Vaquería, Ancash, about 67 km (or 42 miles) on road from Yungay.
Here you will find lodging, food, cultural and leisure activities in a stunning natural scenery at more than 3700 meters above the see (12139 ft.).
If you want to experience contact with the world’s highest tropical string of mountains and also find culture and tradition, travel to Ancash Perú.. The Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Huayhuash, with the most beautiful and impressive peaks of South America are waiting for you

Illariy at Vaquería Parque Nacional Huascarán Ancash Perú

Our Services


Our accommodation has a house with  double rooms, warm water, beautiful gardens, orchards, a trout fish farm and more.

Illariy house seen from the patio

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast,lunch or DInner from our regional cuisine, with supplies mainly extracted from our farms that are operated in harmony with the environment.

Sunrise Chopicalqui Huandoy
Chopicalqui View from Illariy

Cafeteria / Store

If you are in the mountains and it’s freezing or hot, what is better than finding a place to get a warm cup of coffee, tea or chocolate or a cool beverage? Our store is more than a convenient one, you can also get handicrafts, souvenirs and various other products.

Main House and Kitchen from Pato
Outdoor Activities

Guided walks: We offer short guided treks to the surroundings of Vaquería (less than a day trip). Arriving at our destination visitors can have a snack before heading back.

* Vaqueria - Viewpoint Tunapuquio
* Vaqueria - Chocto Waterfalls
* Vaqueria - Yanacocha Lagoon and  Shanoj 
* Vaqueria - Yanama.

Night Sky: Our skies are privileged for astronomical observation, view all kinds of celestial bodies when we have clear nights between April and October. We will provide snacks and hot coffee/tea all night long.

Artistic Cultural Events: As part of our goal to spread our cultural manifestations, art festivals music, dance, theater and visual arts will take place between April and October.

Kids doing the LLanganuco Santa Cruz Trek - Walking by Vaqueria


  • Did you know you can relieve altitude sickness taking coca tea?.
  • If traveling by road from Lima or the cost, it’s recomended to spend at least one day in Huaraz, Carhuaz, Recuay, Yungay or Caraz before heading to Vaquería, this will help in acclimatization.
  • Take your time to acclimate, if you still feel altitud sickness after arriving to Vaquería, rest and relax for at least one day to start your activities.
  • Care for the environment! Recycle to the fullest!
  • Please toss the waste you generate in the recycle bins if you didn’t find any bin, please take them with you, do not throw them away We thank you infinitely! ..
  •  Always bring along your sunscreen, heat and altitude quickly burn skin.
  •  Repellents also help you in your walk.
  • During your trip wear used walking shoes they are already adapted to your feet and you will feel much more comfortable during the hike
Vaquería River

Getting there… How to and how long is the trip?

By Bus:  
  • From Lima take the bus that goes to Yungay or Caraz (lasting approximately 8 hours).
  • In Yungay near the municipality is located the whereabouts of vehicles that target Vaquería.
  • Illariy is located at the entrance of Vaquería after 25 minutes of having passed the Portachuelos.
  • The trip from Yungay to Vaqueria lasts 2.5 hours to 3 hours and it’s a road trail.

By Airplane:

  • Daily Flights From Lima To Huaraz (Anta), There is only one flight per day departing from Jorge Chavez airport at 5:30 AM and It lasts about an hour


Accommodation: 40 soles per person per day (US$14)
Breakfast: Prices start at 15 soles.(US$5)
Meals: Very affordable, please ask us during your stay.


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